1. As I finished with my own writing and sharing of a magical beautiful time I was pleased to find this “Day 20” waiting for me to read before closing my laptop for the night.along with my eyes. I had to smile when I read about Louisville being “the biggest small town ever”…I once lived in Louisville for a short time and it holds many fond memories for me for which I am grateful! 🙂 With much respect and a grateful heart. ~Matthew

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  2. What a beautiful journey to take I’m feeling the love, appreciation, and respect that are gained just from slowing down and being grateful. Thank you for sharing your 20 days of inspiration. 😊

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  3. Kristi, we should look for ways to dine with friends and colleagues. An old friend has an Come All Thanksgiving Party for people who cannot make it home to relatives. Everyone brings something and it is up to about forty people with some sitting on the staircase. That is what life is all about – friends and family. Thanks, BTG

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  4. I too share your gratitude for Mike. He has been just lovely in all of my dealings with him.
    I like the idea of a monthly get together for women. That sounds just awesome. I’m studying life coaching myself and I really like the idea that your friend Laura has. 🙂

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    1. So glad, and not surprised, that Mike has more fans out there! He is truly a gem, and I value our friendship and our shared commitment to kindness. All my best to you on becoming a life coach, and if you are Facebook, check out my friend Laura McCauley Wagner ‘ s page. She is phenomenal!

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