1. Isn’t it awesome when, (as you said in #2) the negative and or unpleasant emotions creep up on us,that we have the power AND the choice to embrace them, learn from them and then release them. When such feelings as these happen with me I have learned to simply “Let go” of what doesn’t serve me. And what a magnificent feeling it is when the negative no longer weighs heavy on the shoulders! Great post…(again) Have a great rest of the week-end!


    1. This definitely has been an ongoing process for me, and I am relishing the triumph over negative thoughts and emotions that I experienced earlier today. It is truly freeing, and it made way for more goodness and light in my life. Many thanks for your ongoing support, and I hope that your weekend is filled with great joy, love, and peace!

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  2. Dealing with negative thoughts and emotions is definitely an ongoing process for me as well….still very difficult but working it every day. Thank you again for your inspiring posts.

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  3. Giving thanks gets interesting when we realize there is NOTHING to not give thanks for !!!!! besides we chose every single moment of this experience. Constantly babbling thanksgiving, Don’t forget to be thankful your windshield wipers, pillows, dish cloths and water glasses, ‘O’ and the end tables 🙂 🙂

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  4. This is inspiring! I (like so many) often struggle with the negative emotions and I ruminate on them but it’s wonderful to hear about people who turn them into something to be grateful for. I’m going to make a really big effort to try and put a positive spin on those negative thoughts–thanks!



    1. Tallulah, thank you for your kind words and for sharing your own struggles with something I am all too familiar with. It is a daily practice to control the negative thoughts and feelings without denying/repressing them, and it really is all about progress, not perfection. Take heart that you are not alone in this at all!

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