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    Lots to think about on a day that is based on gorging ourselves. How lucky we are to live in a society where hunger isn’t an issue? Might tell that to a family living paycheck to paycheck that just lost a job. We all need to participate in helping the hungry in all societies. Children don’t deserve being hungry yet millions are every day.


  2. Ron, your post is excellent. People who define folks without enough to eat as “losers” need to be educated on who are the homeless, hungry and impoverished in America. People develop misconceptions from a very small number of visible folks, painting entire populations with that brush. The homeless, hungry and impoverished are working poor. They are not less virtuous than those who are not. They do not work less than they those who are not, often working harder at multiple jobs.

    There is a great commercial with two kids talking about the hungry. We need to have a war on hunger, not the hungry. Poverty is very real and pervasive in the US. Hunger is very real and pervasive. We have fallen greatly in the list of countries with socio-economic class mobility. America is not the land of opportunity like it once was and that needs to change. But, it won’t until elected officials talk about our obvious problem rather beating on their chests with misconceptions and platitudes.

    That is my two cents for what it’s worth. All the best in spreading this message. BTG


  3. It says in the Bible that it is okay to prosper and live well. But that wealth must be shared with those who need it. I have no time for those billionaires who wouldn’t share their fortunes. I stand in awe of Bill Gates for putting his money into helping those less fortunate.
    You literally can’t spend all that money anyway so you should share it around. I hope that makes sense. 😀


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