1. Kristi I share all of your feelings about the holidays….I try to focus on the true meaning which is giving to others and enjoying time with family and friends. I detest the materialistic madness that it can be….

    What a sweet story about the DePaul school…a special loving school that so embrace our beautiful differences. If you ever need an assistant at the Day Shelter, I am your candidate. I loved the time I spent there when I worked with the Coalition For The Homeless. I was so touched by their humor and kindness….

    You have inspired me to restart my gratitude journal, which is a good thing…

    Thanks Kristi

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    1. Sheila, thank you so much for sharing this! I am so glad that you enjoyed your time with us and saw firsthand how wonderful our guys are. I, too, have dusted off my gratitude journal to continue this practice, and it is nice to know that I will not be alone in doing so.


  2. This got a Facebook share and not many things get a Facebook share as my daughter thought I shared too many things on Facebook. I will be doing some Christmas post this month in fact I have many of them already written and now I have to check and make sure I have transferred them onto this new laptop

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  3. What a beautiful way to spend December. I actually dislike the trappings of Christmas too. The ads blaring on TV encouraging people to go into debt buying presents that they do not need. It seemed that each year was worse than the previous year. Last year and this year my children and I went to my parents and did a cleaning bee as a present. We have no money to spare and that encourages creativeness. My parents loved it. I cook everything the day before – cold chicken and salads (it is summer here) and take it over to my parents and that is my Christmas. Very quiet and just thinking about the true meaning of Christmas. 😀

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