1. This story you shared…this very special blessing is such a gift in and of itself. Your daughter doing such a kind and compassionate act is truly heart-warming. Thank you for sharing this small glimpse into your world. I also wish you good health and that the “germ bug” decides to go elsewhere! Feel better and please tell your daughter a stranger in Canada thinks she has done an awesome thing! 🙂 Peace be yours friend!

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    1. Many, many thanks for such a lovely note, and I will be sure to give my daughter your kind message. I am most proud of what good people my daughters are, and I hope that they always remain so. I wish you and yours all the best!


    1. Thank you, and as I much as I appreciate the compliment, their dad and I will be the first ones to say that we hit the jackpot with our girls. They really are extraordinary, and the world is a better place because they are in it.

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  2. Thank you for sharing . Reading your post , a poem came to my mind which would like to share .

            Blessings Abound .

    How blessed are they who recognize
    A gentle heart with their own eyes
    To see the soul that lies within
    And come to know they’ve found a friend

    And they are blessed indeed

    For all who share with those who need
    Are not diminished by their deed
    Instead they grow in faith and love
    nurtured by the Lord above

    And they are blessed indeed

    Those freed from worry night and day
    about the things they gave away
    find peace of mind beyond compare
    Because they took time to care .

    And they are blessed indeed

    For those who give without a gain
    accept the sacrifices and pain
    They bow their heads and bend their knees
    And know the ONE who matters sees

    And they are blessed indeed
    By : Linda Lee Gleason

    Your daughter , her way of being from within has these qualities which manifests outside of her . Blessings to you and your family .

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  3. It is one of the most wonderful gifts to see your childrn becoming a loving part of this world. I have 3 children and try my best to be a good role model in helping others. They are good kids, no doubt! But they are still very self centered! I am happy that you have so much love just right next to you!

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  4. Kristi, she is a gem, just like her mother. You both are a credit to those around you and those you cannot see whom you impact. I look forward to future tributes to what she will do. BTG

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