1. Thank you for sharing. Found my eyes filling with tears as well. Loved the man with the ‘US’ blanket!
    Hope you don’t mind but I have re-blogged this.

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  2. I am in tears too. We are lucky and don’t have homeless people over here. But I would love to do what this man has done! This is really the spirit of Christmas. Perhaps when the kids are grown up I will travel in a city not too far away and look out for homeless people to gift them. This is such a wonderful inspiration. I guess it is going to become a habit that I reblog you 😉

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      1. I used to travel to California put to twice a year. I met the most wonderful people under the homeless. I started to always have some money in my pocket to give it away. Yesterday I told my husband that it would be just wonderful if I could fly to a big city like Paris or London for one day before Christmas and spend all the money I would use for Christmas presents to buy stuff for homeless. The would be amazing. This is engraved in my mind!

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