1. I remeber that day vividly! Watching the news in disbelief that such a crime could happen. It is the very reason that I let my kids have a snowball fight with flour on Christmas eve. Who cared if I had a mess to clean up I had my kids and that was what mattered.

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    1. When tragedy strikes, it definitely puts things into perspective, and I am so glad that you shared this sweet memory of your own children getting to have fun. May we all be kind to each other and remember what really matters, as life can change on a dime.

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  2. Living in CT it really hit home. It’s a frightening thing when you feel that your kids are unsafe in their schools. Just today I somehow got a Sandy Hoax blog in my Reader. I don’t know how it happened, but I blocked all blogs from that person. How crazy do you have to be? The only thing to do is be grateful for what we’ve got.

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    1. On that day, I remember I couldn’t wait to see my two little girls after school, and I didn’t want to let them out of my sight. I kept thinking about the parents of those children and how their day began normally and ended tragically. It definitely made me so very grateful for all of those little moments that I once took for granted.


  3. This is one of those posts that brings me out of my own world, and settles me down to what is very real, and costly, and … redemptive. I heard the report on the radio, just as I was pulling into a Starbucks on that day. I was meeting a good friend. I asked him if he had heard about the shootings, and he had not heard. I do not visit your blog as much as I would like … What a powerful blog, a beautiful blog, one that reminds me of what is important.

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    1. Thank you so very much for taking the time to read this and to share your story and kind words. It was day that will never be forgotten indeed, and I can only hope that we all do our part to shine brightly to keep the darkness at bay.


  4. Thanks for posting this today. It’s so easy to let time slip by and eventually to allow something this serious and tragic to fade into memory. Reading over what is written about each victim of this awful crime was very touching. Families have set up foundations and programs to honor each child and teacher in a very personal way. I hope donations pour in to all these worthy causes. Most of all, I hope we never forget these young children and their heroic teachers. You’ve done us a great service by keeping this alive in our memories and hearts and by encouraging people to learn to act on kindness. So much work needs to be done.

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  5. It was major news here in New Zealand. It seems nothing has changed and we have just had the horrific news from Sydney, Australia where people were going about their business and got involved in a hostage drama. When will it end? That is why I love your blog as it reminds me that there are some beautiful people out there. 😀

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  6. I was one a plane bound for Europe when the news feed had the tragic story and it was then twenty-four hours before I could find out the details. It was truly a sad day. Your reminder of the kindness that still exists in the world is uplifting.


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