1. This was a beautiful read. I am willing to bet that Jeff was every bit as iridescent in life as in his legacy. I am sorry for your loss, but grateful you exist to write the story.

    Happy holidays. Sending love.

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  2. Mia sounds like the kind of people we need if a Pay-It-Forward play is going to work. She’s got that kind of selfless attitude that can be so hard to find these days. She has my condolences for the loss of her friend, and my gratitude for being who she is. Thank-you.

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  3. My original oil painting “Homeless Vet” was used without my permission. The author took my painting and did not give me credit or compensation for the painting. I want the painting removed from the blog and pin. I painted it in 2011, and used my husband (a disabled Vietnam veteran) as a model for the homeless man. Thank you. Judith Rhue


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