1. Very good insights. I am only married for 21 years, but I can already agree with each single point. My husband and I went through a lot. But our relationship only grew on everything. Great post! Thank you!

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  2. I always say marriage us far from a bed of flowers it actually a full on war where no matter the fights u still crave that person touch. Simple gestures like a text of i miss u goes a long way.

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  3. Tremendous and experienced advice. My wife and I have been married 29 years and I do not disagree with anything you said. Being able to laugh at yourself and listen to each other’s problems of the day are the only two additions I could make. Happy anniversary.

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  4. I stopped reading at #8. I feel sad for the people who mourn about how difficult marriage is. They tell about the effort that a good marriage requires. Like you, I found that marriage can be a rewarding investment of resources. Creativity is a great word to use for the best resources to invest


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