This Random Act of Kindness Just Won Christmas

The Pothole Gardener wrote:

“I was standing outside Liverpool St. Station the other day, and I witnessed one of the most moving things I’ve seen in a long time. A Big Issue (a magazine sold by homeless individuals) seller in a wheelchair was trying to sell magazines next to the main entrance. Everyone was ignoring him in that polite British kind of way (shuffle shuffle, eyes down…) when a lady walked up to him with a Primark bag.”

random act of kindness

“She proceeded to take out a new quilt and wrap it around him. I walked over to see him obviously very moved by this random act of kindness, and it transpired she had walked past him the day before and noticed his sleeping bag was soaked through and full of holes…not ideal when you’re doing it rough on the street in winter. She had gone out in her lunch break, bought him a new quilt, and was giving this stranger an early Xmas present.

For me, this random act of kindness just won Christmas.

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  1. Not to this post but i just read some thing worth while to all parents.

    Dear parents if santa is coming to your home, get your kids some thing small. Because the kid next door may get mittens from santa while your child talks about the new ipad from santa. Dont let santa be the one to crush another child instead big exp gifts should come from you while a small gift from santa so when kids talk the spirit of santa still lives on

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