The Man Behind the Shadow

‘Jeniece Higgins wrote:

“When we were in CA, I was taking a pic of the kids by a Christmas tree and a homeless man came up and told me he to stand with the kids and he would take a picture.

He said we needed one with mom in it too. It occurred to me that he might steal my phone but he was so sweet, I couldn’t tell him no. The risk of hurting his feelings was more than the risk of losing my phone.”


“When I looked through the photos later, I found this shot of his shadow that he accidentally took as he learned how to work my phone. I love it! I’m keeping it as a reminder of the joy that comes from of the kindness of strangers in the spirit of Christmas.”

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  1. I adore this blog. I love its continual and focused message of goodwill.
    Like a beautiful shadow, peace and love should be part of us all and extend to others. And when the sun goes down or life becomes dark, shadows grow long as should our compassion…
    Warmest winter wishes,
    AnnMarie 🙂

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