1. I have kept a gratitude journal on and off for years. Difficult times make it even more important to be grateful for the little things in life. Thank you for inspiring me to get started doing it again.

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  2. I agree! Writing down what I am grateful for is therapeutic. I have a small notebook that I have given to each of my family members telling them what is good about them, what they do well and what they have done well. I call it their ‘compliment book’. As they get more achievements I write down more. Sometimes though I admit I have to search for the little books (smile)

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  3. I keep a blessings journal, which is very like what you’re describing. In it I note things that have happened in my day that I’m grateful to God for providing. It’s like a diary but better I feel as it feeds my faith. God bless you. 🙂

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  4. Kristi, this post brings back some fantastic memories. My first husband and I were “Marriage Encountered.” We went away on a retreat for married couples, and were shown a way of communicating deeply about our feelings with one another. It was called our “Daily Dialogue.” We would decide on a question to write about in our books, which would reveal to each other our thought and feelings. Only 10 minutes were allowed for discussion after exchanging books, and reading each other’s response. It was a communication method we used for years. It gave our relationship a deeper meaning and brought us closer than we would have been without it. Communication is the strongest tool in any relationship.

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    1. Thank your for sharing such a lovely story of this special and beautiful practice! I agree wholeheartedly that communication is so vital to have a strong, meaningful relationship. Glad that this brought back such warm memories, and I am even happier that you shared them here.

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  5. A few years ago I started keeping my gratitude journal in the form of an altered art journal. Then I started blogging about it. It has rejuvenated my gratitude journal practice. This year my intention is to not only record what I’m grateful for but to work at communicating that gratitude back to the people for whom I am grateful. I have already had some pleasant responses because of these interactions. Lovely post.

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  6. With the memory difficulties that are part and parcel of the disability I deal with in my everyday life, I have journals on every shelf and in every drawer of my house. Again because of the memory difficulties, many of them have been begun, only to taper off and die untimely deaths. I’ve decided to take all of these partially used journals, and begin using the unfinished portions in each of them as a sort of multi-limbed “gratitude journal”. This way, I’ll always have one of the journals close at hand should the urge strike me to make another entry. We’ll have to see how well that idea works. 🙂

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