Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

Big Yellow – A Dog With a Big Heart

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow, have gained popularity in their home town of Magou village, China. Ma is the local shoe shiner, and has been living alone with his dogs for the past 40 years. He is also a widower with no children, but his loyal dogs have kept him company all these years.      

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

Big Yellow, named by the locals, was born to another of Ma’s dogs two years ago. She has been by his side since. Ma suffered from Polio at the young age of six, and lost the use of his legs. Not making much money, Ma constructed a makeshift wheelchair for himself. Though the wheelchair helps, it is hard for Ma to maneuver on his own. That’s where his amazing best friend comes in. Big Yellow has taught herself to help push her dad to and from work every day.

This dog stays by her dad’s side no matter what. Ma is unable to feed himself somedays, and food for Big Yellow is also hard to come by. While Ma eats a meager lunch, Big Yellow visits local restaurants who know the dog well. There, she receives leftover meat scraps and other food from the kind locals. After making her rounds, though, she always returns  to her dad’s side to help run his stall and keep him company.

Big Yellow taught herself to help push her dad’s wheelchair to and from his job each day.

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

The loyal dog visits local restaurants to eat, but always returns to her dad’s stall to keep him company.

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

Ma, the local shoe shiner, has had dogs as his only family for years now.

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

He knows he is lucky to have a dog as amazing and intelligent as Big Yellow.

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow

After this amazing story went viral in China, the Chinese government stepped in and provided Ma with the subsidized income he should have been receiving for the past 20 years. They also provided the man with a real wheelchair. Ma, however, finds it hard to get in and out of these new wheelchairs, and will probably continue his commute to work in the same manner he has been; with his dog by his side, helping him out.

Thanks to the income, though, Ma and Big Yellow will no longer go hungry. They’ll be able to share lunch together each day in the shoe shining stall from here on out.

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  1. Mmmm..well…where do you begin to comment on a story containing so many precious gem’s…? I love Ma’nao. I love Big Yellow. I love the people who took this story to a platform and I love the people who helped. I also think that there is something quite specifically touching about how Ma’nao although unable to walk upon his own feet…made other people’s feet SHINE…just….so…humbling. I love YOU Kindness

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