One Simple Act of Kindness May Just Have Prevented a Suicide

postsecret kindness suicide

Source: PostSecret is an ongoing community mail art project with a hugely popular website, created by Frank Warren, where people from all over the world mail their secrets anonymously on a homemade postcard.


  1. This is a very touching act. I want to take the opportunity to plead with folks who are down and depressed, to please not act on thoughts of suicide. All it takes is one impulsive act and it is over. Please reach out to someone and get some help. You are not alone – people polish up their apple and make it look like everything is hunky dory, but many times underneath that smiling face are tears of a clown. I am glad someone reached out with the gift of chocolate – maybe they sensed the anguish. This maybe the best reason to act kindly to others, as you never know who really needs a kind word or gesture.

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    1. So true! The gesture could be as simple as a smile, a hello, a nod. It lets others know that you see them, they’re not invisible and they matter.

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  2. I get it. Once upon a time, a long time ago, a young girl felt there were no other choices in life. She made a decision that if just one person were nice to her that day, she would still keep trying.

    Fifty years later I am glad someone smiled at me and said, “Hey there, how are you doing?”

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      1. I have made the decision that I will be that One Person that speaks to every body I pass on the street, everyone in the grocery store, every homeless individual, whether I give them money or not. Just say, Hey, hello.

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        1. I try to say hello, too. Where I live most people just stare straight ahead and don’t respond. Perhaps they are too deep into their own protective cocoons to hear me, or so surprised that someone spoke to them that, by the time they process it, it is too late to respond.
          But every now and then my hello does break through and I am rewarded with a puzzled smile.

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