mother holding hands

A Mother is a Mother for All – by Neelum Hassan

mother holding handsAt times she’s all we need.

She kept calling. The young woman who had just had a C-section. She kept calling but nobody allowed her family to meet with her. It was a small Intensive Care Unit, but she kept calling and begging. She told them it hurt! A lot! Repeatedly!

I put my head on the side, I couldn’t sleep either, it was cold and blue and the nasal cannula was unnatural and very uncomfortable. My back hurt from congestion and the woman near me wouldn’t stop shouting. At least my mom was allowed to be with me, for we had already made arrangements with someone we personally knew from the hospital.

“Listen! Hey! Listen”

I turned my head to the other side, God please send someone to her, let her talk to her husband for once.

“I am talking to you. Aunty!! Aunty!”

My mother removed the curtains and surely she was calling MY mom.

“Aunty. Can you please come sit next to me. It hurts a lot and I want to hold your hand.”

So for the first time in two weeks of illness I finally let go off my mother’s hand. I turned my head back towards her, she was dark and probably a couple of years older than me. I never knew a C-section would hurt, thought it didn’t hurt once you were done giving a baby.

“Aunty, it feels as if my mother is sitting here with me. Now I can finally sleep.”

And so after hours of being in pain, we finally slept.

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  1. The concept of a mother being a mother for all is a truly beautiful one. The kindness and understanding shown by the mother in this story for another woman is quite humbling. I’d like to believe that most people, not only mothers, could show such concern for someone in pain or distress.

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