A Muslim Girl Distributing Roses in France After The Recent Charlie Hebdo Terrorist Attack

To see this brave young woman standing up and “fighting” for what she believes in, using love and kindness with beautiful flowers as her ‘weapons’, gives much hope and warms the heart.

Muslim Girl Distributing Roses#OneLove

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  1. Not all Muslims want to kill us. As a deeply religious people, that’s not part of their faith. Just as we have crime Lords and their gangs over here, they have their groups of dissidents over there. It’s as simple as that… We share just as much of the blame for bombing innocent civilians.

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  2. What a wonderful and brave gesture from this young woman. As sandysetonb (above) has said so well, it helps to give a sense of perspective. Hatred of any one group / religion / nation because of the actions of a few is so very wrong.

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  3. This is the only way we will rid the world of terrorism – and that is if the real Muslims stand up and say – enough. This is a great step forward that this young woman had the strength to remind us.


  4. I don’t want your roses at the graves of my Jewish brothers and sisters. Put them in the hands of knife-wielding Arab terrorists; tuck them into the vests of a suicide bomber on his mission; bring them to Bashar Al-Assad for a peace offering — or, to: IS, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda, the Taliban, Jamaat-e-Islaamia, Khaled Sheik Muhammad, Sirhan Sirhan, etc. Convince other Muslims that Islam is love. There will be the proof, without your platitudes.


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