1. I totally feel what you write about! What I read sounds pretty much like my own story. The worst bully sits in our head. It is crazy that dramatic things need to happen and make us change the way we look at the world and ourselves. But it shows that it is never too late to change our mind towards a better feeling and towards self-love. Thank you for this beautiful post!

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  2. That’s the right way to think Maggie, except don’t fall into the trap of blaming men CEOs for all the marketing hype and false images of perfection. There are people of both sexes and all ages out there trying to make money any way they can.

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  3. What a great piece of writing.. I know from my own perspective I did loads of ‘Mirror work’ upon my self as I learnt to Like and Love me… We so often feel unworthy and pull ourselves down.. Great Post… We are all of us BEAUTIFUL.. and its just how society has learnt to perceive Beauty…

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  4. Honest and beautiful. We are far harsher on ourselves than we would imagine being to others. The change has to happen in the mirror, and when it does, little else will matter.


  5. Please remember we only had one perfect person walk the earth and we killed him. We are all fixer uppers even those perfect models who have been dolled up beyond the norm. As an old fart, I can say you will learn the lesson of age that no matter how good people may think they look, they do age and their appearance is impacted. Medical science permits folks to polish up the apple as much as they dare and can afford, yet they should alter their mindset.

    People should strive less for perfecting physical beauty and just be the best person they can be treating others like they want to be treated. This inner beauty will live on long after the physical beauty wanes. A final comment – not that my opinion counts, but I think you should give that person in the mirror a break, as from where I sit she looks great. All the best, BTG

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  6. I know exactly where you are coming from. That’s me, too. My self-bully makes it hard to accept a compliment. One day I asked myself why I believed what others said about me when it was negative, but not positive. This simple thought was a revelation. Although I still need reminding sometimes, I now believe the good things and know that the bad things aren’t really about me.

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  7. Recently, while I have started to accept my body as it is, I realize I am having difficulty accepting my own personality, quirks etc. I find myself asking why can’t I be more outgoing, better at speaking, etc. I am not sure we can claim either one is worse than the other, they are both harmful. Both impact our self-esteem and confidence. I find myself struggling between the line of wanting to be better and accepting myself, flaws and all.

    Thank you for your post!

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  8. I am a fierce defender of those I see being bullied, taken advantage of, criticized. I never realized that what I do to myself is everything I rail against. I too am a self-bully. Thanks for saying something that obviously many of us needed to hear. Now…how to make the change….hmmmm


  9. Wow…been there… been bullied by others and bullied myself at some point. This is a very sad and bad habit… We are unique beings and all are worth! And who is to say what the standards are and what one should be! Each of us is a ” work of art in progress” … be kind to yourself )

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