Mason Wartman

Man Leaves Job on Wall Street to Start Up a Pizza Business. The Result is all Kinds of Good.

Meet Mason Wartman.

Mason Wartman

Mason left his job on Wall Street to start up his pizza business in Philly. Formerly on Wall Street, Wartman, 27, saw how successful $1 pizza shops are in Manhattan, then decided to move back home to Philadelphia and start up one on his own.

His Rosa’s Fresh Pizza – named for his mother – opened in December 2013.

Mason Wartman

Little did Wartman know what it would develop into just three months later.

Mason Wartman

In March 2014, a customer asked if he could buy a slice for someone in need. It wasn’t long before Wartman got Post-It notes and drew a smiley face on them, to symbolize a free slice.

Mason places these pay it forward ‘post-its’ on the wall.

Mason Wartman

Now, some 8,000 slices later, whenever someone hungry comes in – they can just grab a post it off the wall to pay for their meal. The post-its share inspiring messages of motivation or gratitude, such as “you can do it” and “you are beautiful.”

Mason’s restaurant feeds around 300 homeless people every week.

One man wrote, “God bless you. Because of you I ate off this plate, the only thing I ate all day.”

Mason treats every customer the same, no matter if he or she is on the receiving or giving end of the pizza slice.

Rosa’s Fresh Pizza owner Mason appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Tuesday. Always down to help out a good cause, Ellen presented Wartman with a $10,000 check from Shutterfly.

mason wartman
(Photo via Ellen DeGeneres website)

So, go ahead, get your $1 slice and help out the community while you’re there.

You can check out Wartman’s full interview here.


Now YOU can pre-purchase a hot slice of pizza for one of the many homeless Philadelphians they serve.  Every Little Rosa you buy represents a slice of pizza that will go towards feeding residents of Philadelphia in desperate need when they enter the store without enough money.

Help Rosa’s fight hunger! They really appreciate your kindness!

CLICK HERE to buy a Little Rosa and feed someone in need.

(The above link connects to their SquareUp Market. They know to give away a slice of pizza for each Little Rosa purchased.  It will tell you the order is for “pick-up,” but you do not need to come to the store – though you are certainly encouraged to do so! They will be sure to give away pizza to those in need that enter the shop. Thanks!)


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