An Open Thank You to a Complete Stranger Who showed Me Kindness While I Cried my Eyes Out

bathroom stallsJust a few hours ago, I was crying in the bathroom at work softly (or so I thought).

A woman who had just finished washing her hands asked me if I needed some water and I said, “No, thank you. I’m fine,” in what must have been a very unconvincing voice.

She left the bathroom and I struggled to pull myself together. I got up and blew my nose, trying to not blow snot over myself when I heard the bathroom door open again.She was back with a handful of soft tissues. You know those special kind with the lotion on them?

She handed them under the stall door and said, “Here. These are a lot softer than toilet paper.”

I took them and choked out the words thank you and she left me to clean myself up. After she left I just started crying harder than before. Her kindness was exactly what I needed. It was such a small thing to do, but I felt so overwhelmed with the sense that everything will be okay.

I just want her to know how much I appreciate her kindness. Since I don’t know who this person was because I couldn’t see her through the stall, I’ll probably never get the chance to thank her.

by ‘BlueEyedSoul’

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11 thoughts on “An Open Thank You to a Complete Stranger Who showed Me Kindness While I Cried my Eyes Out

  1. You never know… it might have been your Guardian Angel you’re very special friend and whatever cause your sadness no that someone’s watching over you.Hugs♥


  2. I suspect it may have been that somewhat mysterious, “Teary-Eyed Tissue Fairy” that I’ve heard spoken of from time to time, and if not, perhaps one of her equally mysterious, “Teary-Eyed Tissue Fairy’s Teeny-Tiny But Totally Terrific and Terribly Trustworthy Helpers”. They also get around quite a bit from what I’m told. I hope you are feeling much better now. 😉


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