Such Kindness After I got Mugged

Acoustic-Guitar-WallpapersI got mugged in a foreign country about 4 years ago, and had no money or ID.

Randomly, this older American ex-pat came up to me and said she had overheard me talking to the cops and was going to help me out. She got me in touch with the embassy and let me stay at her little house while I got hooked up with a new passport.

I actually ended up staying there for two weeks helping her around the house (her husband had died a few years back) by fixing up random things. Oiling hinges, re-hanging doors, fixed a leak in her sink, that kinda stuff, etc etc.

We would also hang out at night and just chat, and sometimes I would play her husband’s old guitar (I sucked so bad) but she enjoyed it just the same. We kept in touch for the most part via email. But about 2 years ago she stopped writing back.

Anyways, I got a phone call about 6 months after she stopped writing. It turns out she had been dying from cancer the entire time I was there and in her will she had left me her husbands guitar.

~ by Muhnooer



  1. Although it is difficult for some people to accept the fact that none of us will live forever, I also find it comforting to allocate certain personal belongings to be given to friends after I’m gone. A painting that a neighbor admired will be hers. An unusual 50 gallon hexagon aquarium that one of my best friends granddaughter adores, will be moved to that special place in her home that she picks out……etc.

    It takes no time at all to add my wishes to my will, and it makes me very happy knowing they will continue to be enjoyed after I’m gone.

    But most valuable to me are my 3 loving cats who purr constantly, and have never met a human they wouldn’t share their couch with. LOL Far from being kittens any more, and never being separated, I struggled with the thought of what I could do to insure they would be kept together, and loved. Then, a young couple moved in a few doors down, with two young children. As the weeks turned into months, then years, I think they grew to love my three little fur balls as much as I do. They visit them, (not so much me) on the weekends, and lavish them with attention, and play with them for hours. The last 3 years we even have a Christmas gift exchange between kitties and kids. (It’s hysterical!) But the best gift of all was when they said they would be extremely honored to welcome them into their home, and would love and take care of them for the rest of their life.

    Now I have peace. And as I added this to my will, I also added another request. (For the peace of mind, and comfort they gave me, I have designated enough money for their vet appointments, any medical bills, food…………..and a little extra for their new human family. As I feel confident they will provide the most important things……….Plenty of hugs and love.)

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