1. These words are absolutely beautiful. I had tears in my eyes when you described writing the note to your daughter. Regrets are a POWERFUL TEACHER as I can attest. This post really confirmed something extremely important to me today, and I just so do thank you for the Gift YOU have given me. Bless you. Love, Amy

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  2. Thanks for sharing.

    It’s a personal post and I love personal posts because they let you know a teeny bit more about the blogger. It’s very inspiring to look at someone who admits their flaws and then tries to get better and let go of negativity.

    I love the way you say “I am my response.” Speaks a lot to me.

    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful, beautiful post.

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  3. Perfect Love and Kindness are – obviously – AWESOME.

    But, when perfect love and kindness flows through holes and cracks and chipped edges…it breaks me up – it shatters me – because I begin to believe – REALLY believe – that that kind of love and kindness can flow through me, too…

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  4. As always, your posts are incredibly savvy, straight-forward and contain precious lessons for us all. This one brought me to tears. I lost my mother to cancer last month. My dad and I were able to care for her at home along with Hospice care, and we all said everything we needed to and spoke our love over and over and over again.

    I am grateful to all the “three seconds” when I felt I had to go back into her room and kiss her one more time, tell her I loved her one more time and hold her hand one more time.

    Since she died, I have been having episodes of being blindingly angry. I don’t know where this is coming from, but I know that Mom’s death has somehow allowed me to feel everything more strongly than before. This is part of the process, I know. Your post made me feel less alone in this.

    Thank you,


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