I Helped an Addict on the Journey Back to Regaining Her Life.

meth womanYears ago I was a store manager and needed a cashier. I’d received a call from some woman about a cashier job, so I told her to come in.

Her resume was poor, but I needed a cashier.

In walked this short, large woman who looked, quite frankly, disgusting. She filled out the application form and asked for another sheet of paper to fill out the Felony and Misdemeanor section. Oh boy.

  • Her clothes were ratty and too small
  • Her shoes looked about 3 sizes too big
  • She looked like she had just climbed out of a dumpster

I was about ready to just tell her to leave when she explained her story…

She said that she had been addicted to methamphetamine and cocaine for a few years and was in a halfway-house getting her life back in order.

She seemed really sharp and her situation explained her appearance. So I took her on a tour of the store.

Beforehand, I had placed two pens, a guitar pick, and a few other things on the floor and I told her to act like she was an employee walking down the aisle. She walked down the aisle, picked up the trash, straightened some boxes, and did everything that an employee should.

A customer came up to her and asked her if she was an employee.

She replied, “No, but the gentleman in the grey shirt is, and he can help you with anything you need today.”

Not bad.

I directed the customer to the paper and I saw the applicant had moved a shopping cart back to where they were supposed to be.

Not bad at all.

I decided to hire her. Best decision I ever made as a manager.

Not only did she turn out to be my best employee, but I actually nominated her to take my spot as manager when I left. She got it.

I’ve been gone a year now and she is doing great. She runs her old halfway house AND is the sales manager at my old store.

What a great turnaround in her life.

~ by Name Withheld



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