1. Inspiring! We had such a great response to your guest post on Beyond Your Blog. Your kindness has won you a lot of fans.


  2. Your grandma and mother rock! This blog touches my heart because people seem to disregard the aging process and what we do now, matters. It matters more than a new car or house. Recently, I lost a good friend of around 35 or more years. I remember the day he died, saying to me, Larry I love you man! Two hours later he had passed away and I got the phone call. I keep his name and number on my phone and we used to speak two hours a day some times and discussing his coming death from Heart attacks and Leukemia. He was isolated in a motel (legal reasons) and hardly a soul visited him. I could not be a person who turns their back on a fellow human. When my dad died, I was holding his hand. I told his wife that he had passed and she starting crying. As hard as it was, I said, “his puppy would be waiting for him, wagging his tail.” She laughed and somehow I knew it would be alright, for him and our family.

    Some deep fissures had arisen between the family and dad, but again, as we lay practically inert, we begin to realize that the past two seconds of our lives matter. Looking past abuse, verbal and otherwise, we find ourseleves. I was not cursed but blessed. I was blessed to help others because the pain is so real but the healing you see take place is all worth it.

    My own sister and dad made up and she didn’t know it, til I told her what her phone call meant the night before he died. I told her that her call came when he was in a drug-induced stupor but was instantly coherent with the call. To see his relief and hers is something that words cannot describe. Family, love and charity. We do this because we will be the person say, “Larry. I love you man”. To be needed is indescribable.

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  3. This made me think of my nanna she was the kindest person and always had a smile, kind word or gift for everyone, I only say was because the Alzheimer’s has taken so much from her, I saw her this morning as I do every Wednesday just to check in and make sure is ok

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  4. My grandmother was very similar, wherever she went she would take jars of marmalade, or sweets, or other gifts to give to anyone that. She thought deserved it – & in her thoughts, everyone deserved it! Even the postman would get a peppermint Everytime he delivered to her.
    She was one of the kindest people that I have ever met. She would go without something herself, just to be able to give to others. Unfortunately people did sometimes take advantage of her but that didn’t deter her.
    Over the years I admired her kindness but sometimes thought she was being a bit silly, however since I got divorced & so am now responsible for my own finances, I find that I am doing similar things.
    I happily share what I have with those in need, be it a small donation or something much more practical. I’m told I am being silly, but like my grandmother, i don’t mind. My life is blessed with all that I need so why shouldn’t I give some of it away? I know that people take advantage of me but it really doesn’t matter. I have something far more precious than money – that wonderful sense of wellbeing that I feel whenever someone accepts my gift.
    I am very humbled to be able to walk in my Grandmother ( & Great Grandmothers’) footsteps. They taught me well x

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