1. Love it! I work in Special Education Dept. I will share this today with my teachers who already know that these children are “exactly who they are supposed to be”. May I confess these children are secretly our favorites!

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  2. I want to slap people, who blame anything on Autism. Sometimes I think that people find it easier to blame something or anything and go around screaming “It’s all something else’s fault” rather than just suck it up and go “They’ve got it, let’s take the next step”.

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  3. Amazing post!! I absolutely love it. I work with wonderful families like yours everyday. Some feel as you do and some are far, far away from that idea. I’ve learned from experience that parents must find their own way on this journey. Some may never find it. But in any case the rest of us can certainly believe children with autism are exactly as they are supposed to be. Thank you for the beautiful post. 🙂

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  4. My older daughter has been diagnosed the Asperger’s syndrome as an adult. When she was little, this diagnosis did not exist. As a child, she was thought to be slow in school. I fought this concept because at an early age, she could watch complicated movies with full comprehension and recall. I would read to her books and she would quickly memorize them and then with total recall, play out the different parts. Her favorite story was the Hobbit. This is sad to say but fortunately, she was also significantly hearing impaired. I became her advocate. The school personnel did not need me to say who I was when I called because they instantly recognized my voice.This hearing disability allowed me to find her the help within the school system such as language development therapy. I loved her as is and just made sure she always had a circle of friends to allow her to have social interaction. Eventually, I took time off a successful career to spend the quality time with her that she needed. I tutored her myself. Pretty soon, she was earning great grades and she began to realize that she was actually smart. I enrolled her in a local theater program for years. Here she found success. It was fun for her. She memorized and played her parts well but she also was learning social skills. I signed her up for the Dale Carnegie program so that she could become comfortable speaking in front of people. She was a teenager in a class of adults who were very supportive. For her middle school years, I placed her in a private school where the teacher student ratio was 1 to 10. I made sue she participated in various activities which were fun for her. She attended a local high school which specialized in the arts and she graduated as a Florida academic scholar. Then she received almost a full scholarship to a top rated college and she graduated with a GPA over 3.0.

    No, it has not been easy for her. There are always those who cannot tolerate those who act differently. I have told her that those are the ones with a disability. She is such a decent, honorable, kind, hardworking, reliable, honest, loyal family member, friend and employee that anyone is fortunate to associate with her except those who are idiots. Unfortunately, there are a lot of idiots out there but fortunately she has had a lot of support throughout her life including a family who just loves her, loyal friends and coworkers. Frankly, she is a fun person whose company I genuinely enjoy. She is someone who I admire tremendously because I know her courage in not giving up. She continues to love learning.

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    1. I forgot to add that the Asperger’s syndrome is a form of autism. I never did worry about how she became to be different. I just helped her to be the wonderful person she has become.


  5. no matter how we try to find perfection in this world, we can’t. And that is because everything is the way it is supposed to be. Everything that is not perfect in ones mind, is perfectly perfect in somebody else’s.

    The truth is – even if we find what caused something, we can’t change a thing as today is the only day that matters. We can’t change our past and we can’t predict our future. We can only live today, right here, right now.

    The best we can do is – love and go with the flow of life because that is how it is supposed to be. Right answers come at the right time. Right choices are made with the given information and those are the best choices we could have made.

    We can’t waste our lives by trying to play “what if” scenarios in our heads.

    Your post made me smile!

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