1. Blogging about kindness is different than being kind. Over the years I have read a lot about “kindness” but sometimes the words don’t equal up with the actions. Perhaps adding a “kindness” request to our morning prayers might make a difference. Just thinking out loud here after reading the first lines of your post here. “Dear God, along with all my other requests and statements, please hear my plea for a mega dose of kindness in my world, both stemming from others and from myself”. Breathing with kindness in mind, might be an interesting concept, but then, also, along with that kindness knowing that in some circumstances, kindness doesn’t always work. And sometimes our honesty, while effective, and sometimes while helpful, doesn’t always “appear” kind. 🙂

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    1. Thank for taking the time to both read this post and to share your thoughts. I really like the idea of a kindness request as part of prayer, and I agree that our actions and words must match. We enjoy being able to blog about kindness, but even more than that, we love striving to be kind in how we speak, act, and think. We may not always succeed, but we will keep trying.


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