1. “A sane person who worked in a full-time position as a human services case worker, finally, gets herself a case worker assigned who treats her with disdain!” A society that permits such a way of life ought to be ashamed of itself! It is surprising to learn that such a delporable way of life is being created, condoned and allowed to be practised in God’s own country! Wonder how many thousands are still going through such disgraceful existence! The high and mighty in positions of power, capable of bringing about a lasting change for the better, don’t seem to be inclined favorably, for obvious reasons, of course. Yet, if folks are able to eke out a living, it is due to the presence and services of ‘the young, Caucasian man’, a real Good Samaritan, and the noble director of the shelter for women with mental illness – may their tribe increase!


  2. I really enjoyed that and reading how your circumstances made you strong! I’ve found that to be true but my symptoms always seem to come back 😦 I am always working my way forward. Your post gives me hope 🙂


  3. We all go through tough times which can do us in or make us stronger. You didn’t let your circumstances define who you are. LaShea, I love your writing. Thanks for sharing and for giving others hope.

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  4. While the details of your experience are certainly disturbing and probably all too common, your spirit of purpose and the leading of the Spirit are so obvious in you memoir. Thanks for sharing that. I found it very uplifting.

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