Peter Foster

Severely disabled man with over 25 serious conditions shares inspiring message: ‘I’m still loving life because it could always be worse’

Peter Foster

Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.

In a YouTube video he posted on Wednesday, 20-year-old Peter Foster promotes a message of optimism, despite a large number of disabilities he lives with. Foster has undergone 40-60 surgeries, he wrote on his YouTube page, to treat over 25 diagnoses.

However, despite all of his difficulties, he keeps looking forward.

“I’m still loving life because it could always be worse,” he says.

Foster describes the multitude of neurological and neuromuscular issues he has faced throughout his life: He is only able to eat through a tube and has difficulty breathing because his pulmonary function is down to 35 percent, he says. He cannot smell or taste. Microphthalmia and glaucoma have blinded Foster in his left eye and he has difficulty seeing through the right.

‘Over the last couple years, my health has deteriorated, but I’m still loving life,’ he said.

‘I now have an eating tube in my stomach. I eat totally via tube. I get weak and I get tired very easily.’

Peter-FosterHowever, Foster exhibits incredible strength in his ability to stay positive, even when it comes to helping others. Two years ago, he posted a video showing a Facebook page titled “Pray for Baby Samuel,” asking his viewers to pray for an infant that was born with a number of health issues.

In one of his videos, Foster says, “I have a tender heart. I feel other people’s pain. When they’re hurting, I’m hurting.”

According to The Daily Dot, one of his viewers posted this message of support:

‘Understanding the struggles of others can help put our own lives in perspective and teach us to be more appreciative of what we have.

The video Foster posted on Wednesday is his first since 2011. He may or may not continue posting, he says, concluding the video saying,

“I just want to say thank you for anybody who does support my channel. You guys are great. God bless you.”

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    1. his attitude reminds me of John Merrick, the Elephant Man…challenged horribly by unfair gentic lottery but possessed of an angelic personality and an insighful intelligence.Bless him and give him many happy years


  1. Reblogged this on Totally Inspired Mind… and commented:

    Once in our lifetimes comes a courageous, strong, capable, disabled but able, hero like this young man. The next time you think of complaining about the food you have in your cupboard or fridge-how would you like to not taste at all?

    I am awarding Mr. Foster The Extraordinary Human Being Award….for illustrating a heroic and positive attitude amidst great adversity.

    God bless you!

    80 countries read my blog after two years and I am disabled with an invisible neurological disorder called epilepsy.
    SINCE I ALMOST DIED 5 times in my life….and am still here, I will always go up to a disabled person and say hello.

    My best friends have always been disabled. I didn’t choose them for that reason. ..they were GREAT human beings with integrity and courage.

    All those reading this -member to be kind to those who are different and always be grateful for what you have.
    I DESCRIBED WHAT SHE COULDN’T SEE IN TECHNICOLOR DETAIL AND WAS HER EYES. She could feel the colors on my dress and was smart as a whip…..both of us.
    Join his blog and spread the word to be kind.
    I am so glad Mr. FOSTER HAD THE COURAGE TO COME FORWARD AND SHARE what he has been through. People like him have been given special gifts like an attitude that focuses on the good, the great and finds super-human endurance.

    Paulette L Motzko

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