coffee heart art

Birthday Blessings – by Jay Westrom

coffee heart art

I recently stopped at a convenience store for coffee and a breakfast sandwich.

As I was walking in, I remembered it was March 17th and my deceased mother’s birthday, so I said a little prayer to myself, wishing her a happy birthday, among other things.

As I got to the counter, the clerk told me that my purchase had already been paid for by the woman who had been ahead of me.

I caught up to her outside the store, thanked her for her kindness and asked her what possessed her to do such a generous deed.

She said, ” I don’t know, when I got up to the counter a feeling came over me to just do it. I’ve never done that before, but it felt nice and so I’ll probably do it again.”

I thanked her again and promised to pay it forward.

Then said to myself, “Thanks, mom!”

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  1. Awe, this is so wonderful 😀 …. On occassion I’ve “secretly” paid for one or two of the soldiers meals when I’m eating out. It does make you feel nice, as well as it lets them know how much they are valued as one of God’s children, (or just a human being) 😀

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