The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care - by Rochelle Cramer

The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care – by Rochelle Cramer

 The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care - by Rochelle CramerLet me introduce you to Brice Royer.

One afternoon I got on Facebook after a dental consultation for having my amalgams safely removed, and my very close friend Lana messaged me about a post made by Brice Royer, a 30-year old man with cancer from Vancouver BC.

“(Feel free to share) Public service: I’ll pay your dental care. If you’re sick and have dental amalgams “silver fillings”, I will pay your holistic dentist to remove them safely (up to $200 per tooth) and find a safer alternative for you.

Why am I doing this?

1) Your sickness affects me because you can’t contribute your greatest gifts to the world if you’re poisoned. The health care burden for chronic illness eventually goes to tax-payers. The world needs you to be healthy too.

2) Around the world, there’s a golden rule: “Do onto others..” and “Love your neighbour as yourself”. I believe I have cancer because I don’t love my neighbour like family. I only believe I do and pay lip-service, but I actually don’t. With family and those I love, I never sell, buy, barter, or trade. I only give and receive freely. Why should I treat strangers differently? Am I not a hypocrite? So I decided to love you like family. I will give and receive freely and I don’t expect anything back from you in return.

3) Damage control costs you a fortune. If you continue to be poisoned, your brain fog, food allergies, “leaky gut”, heart palpitation, and weak immune system won’t resolve no matter how many vitamins, diets, and lifestyle changes you make. It’s like feeding vitamins to a fish in polluted water. We live in a toxic world and I’d like to remove your toxicity so you can save yourself a fortune on “damage control” and bandaid solutions. If you’re poisoned, you’ll be busy “fixing” your allergies and leaky gut forever.

(P.S: I was bedridden and in a wheelchair. 80% of my symptoms improved after 6 months of dental amalgam removal. My life’s biggest regret is waiting to remove the poison in my mouth. It cost me a fortune on damage control and incalculable life quality losses. Please don’t make the same mistake. Let me pay it for you.) .”

It was a while before I even saw this post, I finally checked my phone and had a ton of missed calls from Lana.  I find the post to see that all the people who have been there for me throughout this journey are rooting for me, tagging me and saying things like “Rochelle is a disabled Vet with an autistic 2 year-old son. There is no worthier a person on the planet!”

 The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care - by Rochelle CramerThese people know the thick of this illness, and know how much I have tried to keep my head above water.

Brice responded publicly on his post:

Rochelle, I’ll give you $200 too to get started. (5 people so far @ $1000). Please send your dentist this post and the invoice. To those who haven’t asked: Please don’t be afraid to ask even if you can afford it. Giving and receiving isn’t about affordability, it’s about love. “

My friend Lana replied: “OMG… I’m bawling … you are unbelievable Bruce.. what a better place you’re making this world ! Rochelle, please read … I can’t even type or see right now.”

 The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care - by Rochelle Cramer

I responded: “Brice, I CAN’T BELIEVE THIS! Iike this is really happening?! i just keep crying..tears of joy and relief! Knowing you are giving me the opportunity to be alive again and be the mother I’ve always known i wanted to be, there’s no words! I am FOREVER grateful! since I’ve gotten sick its the only thing I’ve ever wanted this much. I will not let you down, i WILL pay this forward and continue to do so. Ever since i was little i promised myself i would make a difference in this world. This will give me my health to make it possible, and has completely inspired me even more to do so. When my son grows older i will tell him this story to show him to always give and love one another, and how one truly beautiful soul helped to change our lives forever. Love and light to you! Thank you just doesn’t seem enough, i am so so grateful! ♥>3″

Brice had no idea who I really was; and along with the rest of the group, we have never even met in person. He had no clue how much I have suffered due to this illness, how much of a challenge each second of each day has been for me. Having vision problems, depression, extreme anxiety, derealization, lack of concentration, struggle to breathe, tinnitus, heart palpitations just to name a few.

He asked me how much the first removal was, I responded $700, knowing he surely he shouldn’t pay that much for a stranger.

He said “OK, I will pay the whole thing at $700”.

“Wait. What? A man I had never met is offering to pay $700 of my removal? Why?”.

He said “Yeah, I just feel it’s so important for dentists [and everyone] to get exposed to this concept of the economy at the cause of our ills, or nothing will change. I’m doing this to create a shift in their mind or else this problem will continue. Well, we need to fight for the future, your children, you know?”

With Brice and other members of the group who donated, a total of $1,100 was donated toward my removal.

Little does Brice know, he has done so much more than that for me. He has given me the opportunity to get my health back; I was then able to afford to make payments on my second removal.  The weight of feeling physically stuck inside my body has lifted, letting me experience happiness again. I now have the chance to detox the heavy metals out of my weakened body.

He consistently asks how my health is improving which proves to show how much he truly cares. The love, equality and compassion this man has is just unreal!

Now when I look toward the future, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel that previously took control of my life. I can actually see myself getting back to being the outgoing, energetic mother I always wished I could be for my son!! He and the group has touched my families’ life FOREVER, and inspired me in ways he will never understand. This amazing experience reminds me to always love unconditionally no matter what the circumstance.


Rochelle Cramer

 The Stranger Who Paid My Dental Care - by Rochelle CramerSOURCE: The actual history and her comments are public on this public Facebook post:


  1. What a beautiful gesture done by a wonderful person, bringing kindness /beauty in to the lives of others. If we are remembered by the kindness and caring we have shown to others than we are as rich as trolls and our actions will be rememberd for a very long time.


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