1. I was homeless and I just felt like shit. I had put this on myself bc I was trying to avoid my past.. what with the abuse and all by my alcoholic foster mom. I said f*ck it and I took off with my then fiance.

    I know the scared sh*tless part.

    I’m in a good place now… thank god.


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  2. Thanks for sharing! My 1st night homeless was fearful. I’d never been exposed to that culture. I found a Salvation Army and was homeless for a couple of weeks. That was a memorable experience because I met some pretty awesome people during that time. It seemed as though most of them actually preferred that lifestyle, but I suspected that it was indeed inner defeat and the wounds were just bandaged in denial. Substance abuse keeps many of them bound to that lifestyle as well. I have a lot of compassion for these lovely individuals and help our local shelters with donations and mentoring.

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  3. I can’t imagine it maybe that is because I am part of large, close knit, loving family, my niece was homeless with her son who was only 18months old at the time and she spent a number of weeks couch hoping from on place to another till I ended up bringing her here and here she stayed for close to 9 months till she found a place to rent, she is now living with her mum after splitting with her partner of 4 years.

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  4. Thanks for sharing this story. You are right! It could happen to every single one of us one day. Those who have jobs and income, and the ability to even be healthy enough to work should feel extremely blessed and fortunate every single day. You might just wake up one day and be looking for a place to sleep as well. Count your blessings every minute and every single day and don’t ever take them for granted! So in the morning when you get up and you have a job, income, and a place to sleep, look in the mirror and say that person looking back at me is truly blessed!

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