Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,

We’re Only Strangers Until We Connect. (One Grateful Mother’s Letter)

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,“Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,

When my son came up to you and grabbed your arm, you didn’t know he used to be terrified of people. When he talked to you about the bulls, you didn’t know he was diagnosed with a language disorder.

When he jumped in your lap and laughed as you tickled him, you didn’t know he had a sensory processing disorder.

You also didn’t know as his mother, I sat in my seat, with tears running down my face, sneaking this photo.

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,When we adopted him a few short months ago, we didn’t know how long it would take for him to laugh, play and engage others like this.

You didn’t know any of this, but you took time to connect with a child who has had to fight to learn to connect.

My heart is full.

Thank you.”

In an interview with IJReview, Robinson revealed that the story didn’t end there. Several people commented on Facebook that the mystery cowboy was actually a preacher at a church nearby:

“Through the post we were able to reconnect with that stranger and attended his sweet church this morning and hear his preaching and he actually shared the story about meeting Linc and had him up on stage with him!”

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,

She added photos and more information in the comments section below her original post:

“Yesterday he was a stranger and today he is a friend we sat next to in church. Here is Lincoln and his cowboy friend, Jason Taylor, preacher of Bar None Cowboy Church in between Henderson and Tatum.”

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,

“When we went to bed I had no idea when I woke up this post would be shared by so many. I also had no idea God’s plan for us was to drive 45 minutes to his church to be blessed by Jason, his message and his sweet congregation. So lucky that God made sure our paths crossed last night.”

Robinson also shared her advice for other parents with children who have similar challenges as Lincoln.

They include early intervention and being involved in the therapy process in such a way that the tasks can be repeated with the child throughout the week, in-between appointments.

Dear stranger next to us at the rodeo,

As for her thoughts on this story going viral?

“The thing that has touched me so much is the outpouring of love and support from all over the country! We are humbled that God is using our story to touch others!”

Source: Charity Stewart Robinson

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