1. I totally agree, I have always said that if each of us just concentrated on helping our own neighborhood, our neighbors, that in time the whole world would take care of itself… I know we can do this, it has already begun!


  2. This is such great advice. I always think of those words from “Oh Holy Night”: “Long lay the world in sin and error pining. And then he came and the soul felt its worth.” Receiving love fills the soul with courage, because it knows that no matter what happens to the body, all its sorrows will be redeemed by the love that seeks to embrace us all. Just feeding somebody because it is our duty does not make that connection – it is made when we feed their souls with love while we feed their bodies with food. That gives them courage as well as strength to go out and seek justice, even when the consequences may be fearsome.

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  3. Ron Clinton Smith, your writing is beautiful, your concepts are critical, and your heart is full of immaculate spirit and the love of all our brothers and sisters. You are right: small gestures of kindness are brilliant and productive–helping the earth and its people grow closer to each other, on a small and grand scale all at the same time. Thank you, good writer, for taking the time to remind us of all the kindness we can bring to each other. God bless you, Ron…your friend, SONNY MATHIAS

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  4. Thank you, Ron!

    This is an excellent reminder that even in the face of all the want, sorrow, hurt, fear and horror that is all around us–these little gems of kindness and love are life-saving.

    I re-posted this on my blog, luluopolis.wordpress.com. It’s a beautiful message for us all.


  5. Much prefer this eloquently simple message to the one I saw on a bumper sticker the other day: “Kill them all, and let God sort them out.” Thank you.

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