Jacobi Oscar Kafer

Never take for granted a helping hand – by Ginger Fish

This is Jacobi Oscar Kafer. I stopped for coffee & to go the bathroom at a Starbucks in the Venice, CA area, & this gentleman walked up to my cycle today to spray windex on it, & clean it.

Jacobi Oscar KaferMy first reaction was “Stay away from the bike” then I stopped myself; he looked broken & mentally & physically worn from the sun, so I turned to him and said “Go ahead and clean it, I’m gonna run into Starbucks for coffee, & when I come out I’ll give you $10″.

I’ve been meaning to clean my bike but I just haven’t found the time to do it. The Starbucks was busy & I wondered when I came back out if he would still be there. When I returned, he was working up, down, & all around the bike.

I’ve had my bike detailed at my local Harley dealership & it costs around $150 for them to do the same job this gentleman is doing right now for a fifteenth of the cost.

I finished my coffee & told him I didn’t want to take up anymore of his time today. I reached into my pocket & pulled out all of the spare bills I had that totaled a whopping $36 & handed them to him. I said I wished I had more to give him, & the expression of respect and joy that built up inside of him was immeasurable.

As I bent down to unlock my Helmet, and after I had put it on my head, I reached into my saddle bag to organize a few things I was carrying, and as I did this, he starting working feverishly scrubbing my helmet clean right as I knelt there wearing it. I thanked him for a job well done & went on my way. I got about a half mile away when I decided to turn around.

I found Jacobi in the corner of the parking lot crying with his head held down as tears ran down the bridge of his nose, as if to say I’ve had enough of the struggle & humiliation today.

I asked him if could please take a photo of him with my cycle so I could remember him & this job he has done so well. Again he filled with great joy and gratitude for the little bit of respect I bestowed upon him. He stood proud and strong with an inherent sense of satisfaction & pride for his ability to bring happiness to another person & to contribute to something that brought someone else so much joy today.

I was homeless for about a year around 1990 & 1991, so I understand some of what this man has to endure on a day to day basis.

As I thanked him again & began to exit, more tears started streaming down his face.

I said to him “please don’t cry” “I have an old friend named Jacobi, & now I have a new friend named Jacobi”.

I saw my own feelings of self worth and pride shining through Jacobi as if he was my own child.

Never take for granted a helping hand. Even if it’s from someone whom you truly feel doesn’t have a helping hand to give.

We are all one.

Sincerely, Ginger

ginger fishKenneth Robert Wilson (born September 28, 1965), better known by his stage name Ginger Fish, is an American drummer.

Primarily known for playing drums for Marilyn Manson 1995-2011.

On April 22, 2011, Ginger was announced as the permanent drummer for Rob Zombie


  1. This is so weird. I ran into this same guy in the Valley about a month ago while getting gas. I had just come back from a weekend trip in San Diego and had a ton of snacks and singleserving try foods with me. I saw him looking for recyclable bottles in the trash. He asked if I had a cigarette but I don’t smoke. So I asked him if he was hungry. He said he could use something to get him through the night. So I rummaged in my trunk for all the food I had left over that didn’t need refrigeration and I gave it to him. He was so grateful and gave me a hug. He seems so earnest.

    Then, just tonight I ran into him again in Marina Del Rey by an In-N-Out burger. He recognized me from one month ago and said that food helped him so much. He offered to clean my windows which I let him do and I gave him some money in return for his service.

    When I came back to my car he had just finished writing a note to me with his phone number on it but he said it would not be working again until October 8 of 2016. If you want to get a hold of him again his number is 562-507-2791.

    He said he would love to meet with people just to have a meal and talk.


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