Susannah Mushatt Jones

Uplifting Photo of the Day is of a Very Special Lady…

Susannah Jones has just celebrated her 116th birthday!

She is the last living American born in the 19th Century as well being the oldest Woman in the World.

Susannah Mushatt Jones

Susannah celebrated her 116th birthday surrounded by family and well-wishers at the Vandalia Senior Center in Brooklyn, New York

“You are a true American hero and a living legend right here in Brooklyn,” Hakeem Jeffries, who represents the borough in Congress, told Jones, eliciting cheers.

“In 1899, when [Jones] was born, William McKinley was president. By the grace of God, 116 years later, Barack Obama is president!”

State Assemblyman Charles Barron at one point leaned over and kissed Jones. “I kissed the oldest woman in the world and guess what?” he joked. “I’m leaving my wife and marrying Miss Susie.”

The secret to Jones’s long life? “She eats a lot of bacon,” the supercentenarian’s nephew, Callie Mushatt Jones, told Newsweek. (Jones’s massive birthday cake was decorated with strips of bacon and chicken drumsticks, her favorite foods.)

Happy Birthday Susannah!…x



  1. My word. Born before the automobile, the airplane, US women’s right to vote, two World Wars, a depression and during the Jim Crow era before seeing Civil Rights take shape and seeing our first black president. What a span of history.

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