Young woman running outdoors in a city park

Strangers Kindness Saved Me From a Scary Truck Driver

About a year ago, I went out running.

About fifteen minutes into my route, a truck passed me and I saw the man driving’s head swivel around to watch me, then he stopped dead in the middle of the street several yards away. I immediately felt uneasy and watched him for a second, then pulled out my phone to fake a call. He slowly started coasting down the street and out of sight.

I was really nervous at this point and kept walking, eyes peeled, until I saw the truck come creeping back down the street where he’d turned around. I broke out into the fastest [] sprint of my life and dove into the first yard I could and hid behind the cars parked in the carport. I crouched back there for several seconds and watched the truck barrel down the road again.

I was so [] scarewoman running cityd. I desperately tried calling home, but it wasn’t even 7 AM yet and no one in my house was answering.

I saw the truck start coasting down a third time and slow down slightly when it passed the house where I was hiding, so I started banging on the front door as loud as possible.

This middle-aged couple answered the door, and I was so frightened I could barely get out what was going on other than that I was running and was being stalked. The couple let me come inside to hide and gave me water to drink. Through the kitchen window, we watched the truck case the street three more times, probably thinking I was still hiding.

They called the police for me and told an officer to meet me at my house a few blocks away, then drove me home and waited until I was safely inside to leave. A couple of weeks later the woman showed up and asked me if I was doing all right, and she and her husband had paid for a six month membership for me at this swanky fitness center with a contained running trail so I could be safer.

It was without a doubt the kindest thing anyone has ever done for me. Not only would I have possibly gotten into some serious trouble without that couple, but they made sure I was out of danger even after the fact.

by ~ sunnydaleslayersquad

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  1. There are too many horror stories out there and too few positive ones. As there are many more good people here than bad but we usually only hear the bad. Thanks for posting a truly “Kindness Blog” story.


  2. Oh my FLEAS! What a pawsome story!! Bless that couple who purrtected you! God was looking out fur you that day (as He does every day -even though we rarely know it )!

    *purrs *😺


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