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There’s Good People EVERYWHERE

There's Good People EVERYWHEREWhat a fun exercise in help this afternoon!

After visiting mom for some delicious lunch, I’m driving down the road in a bright green shirt, my bro’s girl brought me back from Mexico. All of a sudden, I see this girl pushing a car along the side of the road. It’s like a million degrees and humid here in Maryland, so I stop and run back towards them thinking “please don’t think I’m a killer.”

I figured my bright green shirt and smurf blue chucks made me look OK.

We pushed the car, English was translated into Spanish by one of them, a call was made to my car expert bro, a random dude stops with some jumper cables, halts traffic so I could whip my car around the WRONG WAY on the highway, and…we jump start that car!

The ladies putter off, I move the car the wrong way again, the gas light came on, and I almost ruined a bank deposit, of mom’s, with sweat…but it all worked out!

There’s good people everywhere, from lunch, to the shirt, to these ladies trying to get to their next cleaning job, to the huge guy stopping traffic like an angel of cool…

Wowza, what a blast!

~ By Josh Urban‪


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