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Someone Saved My Day

random kindness imageAfter many years of doing random acts of kindness for strangers, someone randomly saved MY butt the other day when I left the top down on my car and was not around when an intense unexpected thunderstorm rolled through.

As you can see from the picture, they noticed my top open and ran out to cover my entire open car with plastic sheeting — including taping it down.

When I returned and saw the ground was soaked I realized that I’d made a mistake and figured my car would be soaked to the bone with an inch of water on the floor. But instead I discovered this awesomeness and when I removed it there wasn’t even a drop of water anyplace inside.

I eventually figured out who the people were that helped me out and thanked them profusely. I was so impressed with their quick thinking – they grabbed a big piece of plastic and cut it with scissors to fit and then taped it together all while it was starting to rain!

~ by Patriots92

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  1. Last Thursday, Three Separate Acts of Kindness saved my Day: 1. I was at a Farmer’s Market Stand, Shopping, unaware my fully-loaded Food Stamps card was on the Floor, until this 18-Something Young Man touched me on the shoulder showing me the card, asking if it was Mine. Wow! Was I Grateful!
    2. While awaiting for my Coffee to get Ground by another Farmer’s Market Merchant, I’d gone to sit at a Seating area near the open doors. After sitting, upon adjusting my Glasses, I felt a Sting on my Nose and saw a Black Isect Fly Off! Being Allergic to Bees and Wasps’ Stings, I went to the nearest Vendor, asking for Help. While I called my Allergy Dr’s Office for Instructions and was told Ice and an Anti-Hystamine, the Merchant Brought me Ice, but also called 911, since my Nose was getting a tad red and swollen. The Ice relieved most of the swelling but not the Pain of the Sting. The EMTs arrived, Checked me out, said it didn’t appear I was having an Anaphylactic Shock Reaction, and it was my Option whether to go to the ER or not (but if not, to go Home take Benadryl and Rest). By the time I got Home and called my Pharmacy for an OTC Delivery they said, they were “Done delivering, for the day…” Once I explained the problem to them, they said: “The driver’s still here; we’ll deliver it to you, in Half-an-Hour.” (This One was the 3rd Act of Kindness in less than 4 hrs.

    Don’t believe what TV or Newspapers tell You the World and People are Like! Look Around, Pay Attention to All the Little Things WE: THE “Unruly Masses” DO For Each Other, Daily, Hourly. (My Academic Training is Print Journalism, I Know how the choices to Publish or not to, are made!) What gets Public Exposure is just a Minute Slice from this Huge Kindness-Ladden Pie, the “News” hardly Ever Covers…, (a Tiny Slice, that’s All).

    Random Acts of Kindness by Us, and Everyone Planet-Wide is What is the Truth, the News, and the Rule. Everything else isn’t what it appears to be…, it never was…! ma89🌸

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  2. I love random acts of kindness, tonight a fellow student exchanged tickets with me, so I wouldn’t have to pay for parking! He had just driven into the garage and it cost me nothing to drive out. I thought that was cool…but this is awesome!

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