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Never Judge a Future Son-in-Law By His Clothes

scruffy guyMy wife died whilst giving birth to our daughter, so naturally my daughter and I are very close.

From a young age she would spend her spare time volunteering to help children who were ill or dying, and as she is a musician, she would also teach the children at the hospital I work at how to play the piano and guitar. Along with her kindness, she is the most beautiful young woman I have ever laid my eyes on. She has the sweetest smile and her mothers big blue eyes.

When she brought home this scruffy looking guy who hadn’t done well in school, who was unemployed and trying to make his band successful, I didn’t like him at all.

I’m very sorry if I offend anybody but I just couldn’t understand the attraction she had to him and hoped it would fade into nothing. She could do better.

About a year into their relationship, my daughter discovered that she was pregnant. My heart sunk, not because I didn’t want a grand-child, but because I knew she hadn’t planned it and I knew she was too kind to ever consider an alternative to keeping it.

Her boyfriend approached me one evening shortly after the pregnancy was announced, with a bottle of whiskey and asked if we could talk.

I accepted the offer and we sat down and had a drink together. He confessed that he was scared to have a child but how he had already started saving money and how he’d started looking for a job. He explained how he knew that he wasn’t good enough for my daughter but that he loved her with all of his heart and wanted to support her in her choice – even if that meant throwing away his music dreams.

I will admit, we both got very drunk and ended up getting along well.

This boy I had first judged was actually a very nice, warm gentleman who simply wanted the best for my daughter and their future child.

That was good enough for me, so I invited him to live with us and got him a job working at the same hospital I work for.

Today, I have two grand-children and my daughter and future son-in-law are getting hitched next weekend.

~ by dr-rude {Reddit}

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    1. On a related note, have you ever noticed how relatively little attention you get in commissioned sales stores when you dress down versus dressing up ? So, people need to look passed those initial impressions are they miss opportunity.


  1. That’s a great testimony to your future son-in-law, your daughter and to you! We can all learn from this example and your transparency. I prayed for the parents of my granddaughter to welcome my son into their family and they never did. Had this happened from the beginning and the support would have been there I can only imagine how much more God could have done in everyone’s lives. Thank you for sharing!


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