Fox hunting

Woman Sprints In To Save Fox As Hunters Scream At Her

Fox huntingThere’s simply nothing classy about fox hunting, a bloody tradition that uses dogs to tear foxes limb from limb.

While a ban on the cruel sport has been in place for a decade, it’s hard to enforce, and no one knows how many foxes are still killed each year.

But some animal activists in the U.K. are taking the law into their own hands, using whatever means they can to intervene on behalf of the defenseless animals hunted down despite the law protecting them.

Moving footage from 2012 shows the determination of a woman who couldn’t stand the cruelty.

Watch her beautiful act of bravery here:

Add your name to a petition that says the fox hunting ban needs to be more strictly enforced.

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  1. Wonderful that this woman saved the fox. And how many of you reading this blog are eating animals or their secretions, wearing leather or fur, going to the circus or zoo? All of this requires the exploitation of a life. Be fair to other animals. Go Vegan.


  2. Reblogged this on My Omer of Manna and commented:

    Happy Monday and Labor Day. Please remember that foxes are dogs are kittens are cows are pigs are chickens are turkeys are fishes are US. Please us the same compassion and empathy for all of US. Go vegan or at least vegetarian for now. For the animals, for your health, for the planet. -mike


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