Ahmed Mohammed - obama

Ahmed Mohammed’s Family Offers Pizza to Crowd of Waiting Media Outside Their Home

Thankfully, Texas police have decided not to charge a 14-year-old Muslim boy wrongfully arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school.

Ahmed MohammedOfficials at MacArthur High School in Irving alerted police because they thought the device was a “hoax bomb”.

Ahmed Mohamed’s arrest has been sharply criticised in many quarters

Ahmed told reporters it was “very sad” that his teacher thought his clock was a threat.

“I built a clock to impress my teacher but when I showed it to her she thought it was a threat to her. I’m very sad that she got the wrong impression of it.”

Ahmed’s father Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed, who is originally from Sudan, praised his son’s ingenuity, saying he fixes everything around the house, including his father’s phone and computer.

Ahmed Mohammed“He’s a very smart, brilliant boy and he said he just wanted to show himself to the world,” he said.

News spread quickly across social media resulting in Facebook’s CEO offering his thoughts and maybe a future job offer for Ahmed?Ahmed MohammedEven President Obama extended an invitation…

Ahmed Mohammed - obama

As I’m sure you can imagine, the way Ahmed has been treated has outraged many people. However, it’s was so heart-warming to watch Ahmed’s family respond to the media camped outside their home.

Rather than telling them to leave….his parents led by example and fed them.

Ahmed Mohammed VMuFdMw Ahmed Mohammed

Mohamed Elhassan Mohamed said,

“That is not America,”…

of his son’s humiliation after he had been handcuffed in front of his classmates.

But Mohamed said he’s also been touched by the outpouring of support for his son.

“What is happening is touching the heart of everyone with children,” he said.

“And that is America.”

Even in the face of unwanted attention and an unkindness done to their son, Ahmed’s family practiced Kindness, Forgiveness, Generosity and Hospitality.

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  1. It’s quite shameful how his school has responded. They need to apologise, not cover their mistake by justifying it. I wonder how his classmates will respond, especially with that teacher. Will they lose respect for her?

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  2. In a time when children of color are at higher risk from poverty, war and violence, we can not continue to justify prejudice by defining it. If previous actions unrelated to a person in question paints your impressions and if you fear one you come in contact with because of actions of another, you are demonstrating the act of pre-judging. Bright, promising children are being treated like criminals right where you are and it is both sad and applauding. In the spirit of the great lions: We must protect the pride.


  3. There are articles saying he didn’t build any clock; he just removed the face of a Radio Shack clock and put it in a briefcase, to resemble a briefcase bomb. Any body who would bring that to school, without prompting (such as receiving an assignment to do so, first) could be charged, under the same rules — no “skin color” / “heritage” issues applicable. Seems that Ahmed wanted to create a stir and got the reaction he was looking for. You’re also reading a job offer into a statement which is not extended, at least in this offer to visit the Facebook facilities for a look around. A lot
    of hate in trying to see this as a racist issue though, by your own making, folks… Also, Judaism and Jewish are missing categories, yet you include Islam and Christianity. Do I see your biases? Thanks for liking my post about all the cancer and deaths in my family…? I can’t find much here that curates to kindness; just a certain slant and bias. So, thanks, but you don’t own the kindness category, either.


      1. Thank you for your unexpected response. I may write an article about my feelings inspired by this, here. Seeing this has helped me to sum up, I think, what it is that bothers and offends me. Thank you for helping to clarify, via your site, what I find missing. You may have just helped the world understand the way Jewish people might feel. Shalom, Aleha.


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