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She Held My Hand While I waited to Find Out if My Baby Had Died

Cropped image of nurse holding patient's hand

About this time last year I was about 30 weeks pregnant – I missed my footing on a kerb and fell onto my stomach.

I thought i was OK – but all through lunch my usually active baby didn’t kick or roll over once.

I left work and stood in the emergency triage crying my eyes out. This hospital was for pregnant women and children only, and the woman in front of me was begging for some pills because she needed something to take off the edge. She had left her one week old baby with “her aunts friend” to wait three hours for pills.

I stood behind her not really comprehending the difference between us – just crying and begging and praying for my baby to move.

When I got to the front of the line – the attending nurse took one look at my face and unlocked the security barriers to envelope me in the world’s biggest hug. I wiped my snot all over her uniform as she lead me to one of the beds.

She held my hand while they looked (and fortunately found) my baby’s heartbeat.

She had already clocked off so she sat there and waited with me until my husband could come while they ran more tests to make sure everything was OK.

I will never forget this woman – i did remember her name so the next week I sent a large bunch of flowers but I still don’t think that’s enough.

Its terrifying thinking something is wrong with your baby and i would have been a far worse mess if i had to sit there alone.

by ~ ‘boohookitty’

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