Mom Buys Two Coffees for Bullies who Taunted her as a 'Fat Whale'

Mom Buys Two Coffees for Bullies who Taunted her as a ‘Fat Whale’

Dianne Hoffmeyer was waiting in line at Tim Horton’s in Michigan to buy a coffee when she suddenly overheard two women behind her mocking her and calling her a “whale.”

The two women then went on to say, ‘Oh, look at her hair, it’s nasty looking and the roots are coming through’.

Mom Buys Two Coffees for Bullies who Taunted her as a 'Fat Whale'
Paid it forward: Dianne Hoffmeyer poses with her 22-month-old daughter at the Tim Horton’s in Michigan where she stood up to two bullies by taking the high road and buying them both a coffee.

‘I instantly started to cry, because it hurts. I don’t know the women. I don’t know why they would choose to say something like that,’ Hoffmeyer recalled.

Hoffmeyer – who recently lost 177 pounds after being diagnosed with congestive heart failure – said she was crushed by the comments. But instead of lashing out, the 41-year-old mother decided to buy coffees for the women instead, in an effort to set a good example for her child.

“My 2-year-old daughter is a mini-me and she mimics everything I do. I wanted to do the right thing so when she’s old enough she’ll know the right thing to do,” she told the Times Herald.

“Instead of perpetuating a negative situation, I wanted to do something positive. I wanted to show my kids that you can make a positive out of a negative anytime.”

Hoffmeyer says if she sees the two women again she’ll buy them another coffee and sit down with them to tell them how terrible they made her feel.

‘I’d like to buy them another cup of coffee, and talk to them,” she said. “And explain to them how it made me feel.’

Good for her!

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  1. I love this about the Americans. This would never happen in Europe. I can’t explain why, but the people are just different here. Great job, I wish I had the same talent to buy coffee for every criticism I hear (not about me in particular, but in general). And I wish it was working the other way around – that the people would use what is called the hermeneutics circle and thought for the moment about the possible explanations for the lack of good appearance, manners, etc.


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