old men playing cards

Wisdom of the Elders

There’s this old Wonderbread store where I live, and when I was a kid I would go with my mom sometimes because she liked buying the bread there since it was freshly made (something like that.)

Anyway, while she was talking to the owner in the front of the store. My child self got bored and I’d usually wander around the aisles, but everything was old fashioned and it all seemed old. I don’t really remember what was on the shelves, I would assume bread, but I digress.

Anyway, I find myself at the back of the store and notice right in the corner is a small table set up, and there were three of the friendliest old men sitting at the table playing cards. It felt like I was talking to my uncles and/or grandpas, like I had known them my whole life.

They weren’t weird or creepy old men, they just engaged me in friendly conversation and gave me such words of wisdom, support, and love. It felt like so much time had passed before I heard my mom at the front call my name to get going.

I yelled back that she should meet these men, and she kind of gave me a “huh? what are you talking about” look and said let’s go.

I turned around to say bye and how I didn’t want to leave them yet (because I loved their company so much and felt just pure warmth, security, happiness, etc. ). But one of the men looked at me and said (and I’ll never forget this)

‘Always listen to your mother, son, no need to keep her waiting. We’ll see each other again when you’re an old man like us, I promise. Go enjoy your time with your mother.’

I smiled and felt peaceful and quickly caught up with my mom and left.

I’ll never forget them and the older I get, the stranger that story sounds, but it did happen and I hope I do meet them again someday.

By ~ atclubsilencio

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