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Woman Seeks ‘Dapper’ Good Samaritan that Protected Her From a Sex-Attack on a Bus

A young student has posted a public message on social media with the aim to track down the man who defended her against a sexual harasser on a London bus.

Kaitlyn RegehrKaitlyn Regehr, a student at King’s College London, was going towards Acton on the 207 bus when a man grabbed her inappropriately.

When this happened, an unknown man stepped in to defend Kaitlyn and insisted that these actions were unacceptable. The man stood up for her, instead of turning a blind eye. Actions that didn’t go unappreciated by Kaitlyn herself.

Here is the full message that Kaitlyn posted:

Kaitlyn RegehrPeople were quick to show their appreciation and support for the man who stepped in, with the post gaining over 51,000 likes since Wednesday.

Kaitlyn Regehr Kaitlyn Regehr

“It was 10:30 at night, it wasn’t particularly late,” said Regehr.

“I was on the 207 [bus] going through Shepherds Bush, when a guy copped my bum. I didn’t say anything, I just felt uncomfortable and moved out the way.

The guy intervened and it got a little bit heated, but he was clearly saying it loud enough for the bus to hear. He also said

‘Do you have any women in your life? Do you have a mother, a sister?’,

and I was really touched by that, he kind of humanized the situation. But while I was getting off [the bus], I didn’t get to thank him properly.”

Although we are sad to hear about incidents like this, it is uplifting to know that there are people out there who will step in to defend a stranger during tough times.

We hope that she is able to locate the man to give him the thanks he deserves and let this be a token of appreciation for all people who stand up for others, when the circumstances call for it.

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