Act Of Kindness Is Making One Man Into An Internet Hero

One Ontario man’s tiny act of kindness is making a huge impact on social media.

Godfrey Cuotto KindnessGodfrey Cuotto, a 21-year-old student in Hamilton, Ont., was photographed holding hands with a man named Robert with special needs on a local bus earlier this week.

The photo, which was later posted on the Facebook page “Only In Hamilton” by a stranger, has now gone viral.

Cuotto says he was coming home from a burrito joint downtown when he entered a packed bus, and a man sitting near the front wanted to shake his hand. A little taken aback at first, the McMaster student says he then shook Robert’s hand.

“He kept holding my hand,” he told the Huffington Post Canada. “I thought I was getting pranked at first, but he just needed comfort.”

Over the 30-minute bus ride, Cuotto says the man held his hand, leaned on him, hugged him and also kissed his hands throughout the ride.

“I just allowed it, like what am I going to do?” Cuotto says. “Sometimes you just have to be selfless and put someone else’s needs above yours.”

Robert’s family member later contacted Cuotto on Facebook and thanked him for comforting their uncle. They also told him Robert suffered from cerebral palsy and was deaf.

Cuotto told Toronto radio station Kiss 92.5 he stayed with Robert until the final stop, and also attributes his kindness to his mom:

“I was raised by a queen.”

You certainly were Godfrey. Well done to that man and his momma.

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  1. Having a special needs child, who does not speak and who likes to kiss hands too, this hits home. Nothing warms my heart more than knowing there are people who have this compassion without even needing to know “why” all the time. Well done Godfrey. Thank you.

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  2. As a parent you can hope you raise good humans. This momma did good. And what a treasure of a son she has. She must be so proud. Thank you for sharing that there is hope in this world. Have a happy day! Koko❀


  3. Reblogged this on theempathyqueen and commented:

    It is so refreshing to hear about acts of kindness in the news instead of negativity and tragedy. There is not enough compassion in our world today but a hero ~ who thanks his Mother for his upbringing ~ that is someone very special indeed.


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