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What issue IS black and white to you? (25 Answers to That Question)

A recent poster on Reddit asked;

“What issue IS black and white to you?”

The question garnered a huge response.

There’s a lot of common-sense, a few controversial ideas, plenty of food-for-thought and some bad-language in 25 of the most popular answers below;.

  1. Some people should have kids some people should not. Just because someone loves being a parent doesn’t mean they should pressure other people to have kids. ~ toast_monster
  2. Space exploration matters. ~ MillionSuns
  3. You share the sidewalk. If you’re walking side-by-side with someone and there’s not enough room for someone heading in your direction to pass without having to step off the sidewalk, you go single file. Otherwise you’re an asshole. ~ MillsBee
  4. Pepper goes in the black shaker. Salt goes in the white shaker. ~ alberthere
  5. Littering.The street is not your fucking bedroom. You want to be nasty and sloppy in your own home, have at it. But clean up after your own ass when you are in public spaces. Nobody has time to clean up after you, nor should they have to. ~ chambertlo
  6. Driver selects the music. ~ 8337
  7. Prostitution. No reason for it to be illegal and unregulated. ~ XellosPY
  8. USE YOUR [] TURN SIGNAL. ~ flugelhornjesus
  9. I should have the right to choose whether I live or die. ~ Simbrian
  10. The idea that the amount of sex someone has directly correlates to their worth is stupid and can be damaging. For goodness sake, one of the Oregon shooter’s laments was that he was still a virgin. It’s not a healthy view of life yet is promoted heavily in media. ~ powerpuddin
  11. Rape and domestic violence aren’t gendered issues. ~ califuckyeah
  12. Drunk driving. Go fuck yourself. ~ ManOfMilk6
  13. Video games and heavy metal do not cause mass shootings. ~ DeanisBatman
  14. The war on drugs. It’s actively made a lot of things worse, and it hasn’t significantly reduced incidence of drug abuse or related crimes. It’s long past time to admit that it has failed. ~ philipquarles
  15. Being in the military does not automatically make you a hero. Are there heroes in the military? Yes. Are there complete fuck ups as well? ~ maaksel
  16. How you feel doesn’t determine whether you’re an asshole, how you behave does. ~ gimmeabreaklady
  17. Either you recognize the complexity of every single issue or you don’t. ~ elyisgreat
  18. Abusing/killing your children. A case is reported on local news almost daily here.There is ZERO rationalization for this.You are a piece of shit. ~ TheAyesHaveIt818
  19. seatbelts. you are a certified moron if you don’t wear one if you can. ~ Wargame4life
  20. Assisted suicide. If someone is terminally ill and suffering they should be able to seek help to end that suffering. End of story. Those who disagree with assisted suicide should not have it, but it is wrong to deny it to others because of their personal beliefs. ~ godbois
  21. Vaccination prevents several diseases. All of them have gone through extensive tests and trials and not vaccinating your kid does more harm than it does good to them. Just go out and vaccinate your kid for their own benefit and safety. ~ picklewhisky
  22. Money shouldn’t be in politics and corporations aren’t people. ~ Kingbruddah
  23. Rape. The rapist had plenty of time to think and change their mind about raping someone. If you rape someone you deserve no pity in my eyes. ~ gymcap
  24. Cereal first then milk. Any other way is wrong. ~ That_random_redditer
  25. Manners in adults. Regardless of an upbringing, every adult should understand the basic please and thank you. I have a lot of respect for anyone who shows good manners, but have no time for someone who is just rude. ~ kitjen

What do you think? Are There Any Other other issues That are absolutely clear-cut for you?

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  1. If an animal is classified as “endangered” or at the rate it’s being killed at is potentially becoming endangered it should automatically be illegal to hunt and kill them! No matter where it’s ‘legal’ to do so, it should just automatically be illegal everywhere! To me that makes sense,lol. That’s my black and white issue =D

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  2. Interesting topic. I think black and white is… the issue in a lot of cases. Only based on personal experience, the more I am honest with myself, the more black and white thinking disappears and is replaced with truths that I could only see part of before. Black and white issues are subject to change with perception, experience, and a better view of the big picture. More than a few times, I’ve changed my thinking from what I thought was really true and good. Once again, I’m happy to reside along within grey-scale where I’m free. ๐Ÿ™‚ That’s just my take.


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