1. Good post. There are some who believe people in poverty are less virtuous. The people in poverty I encounter only have their faith. These folks amaze our church volunteers with their faith. Poverty is simply this lack of money, so we should do our best to help folks climb the ladder back to self-sufficiency.

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  2. When I retired early from a high paying job my family thought I was crazy as I did not have much savings. I told them I did not need caviar on the table to be happy. Others said I can help others with the income. But I found I was losing all my values in the commercial world so decided safeguarding this was my priority.

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  3. I lived in poverty most of my childhood. Poverty taught me powerful lessons about living/being in existence and humbled me in ways I understand now, more than I did then. I gained confidence, because I know that if I had to, I would always find a way to live no matter the circumstances. I am now more daunted at the loss of loved ones, than the loss of material items. I know I can survive on very little and that carries immense power and knowledge with it.

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