1. Great post. I totally feel exactly what you wrote. My own brother also died very suddenly, just minutes after I sat with him watching television. It was suicide, which is a different kind of shock I guess. Hard to wrap your head around. It wasn’t just his death that brought me into a permanent new view of life, but both of my grandparents passed away shortly after. Three funerals back to back, its hard not to think about death.
    You hit the nail on the head with your advice on giving. It can bring one out of that dark place actually. In Israel, the Dead Sea is famous for not being able to grow anything in it. Not a thing is able to live in it. The reason is simple; the Dead Sea only receives -it gets water from different areas coming in, but gives absolutely nothing out. That prevents any growth. I think that is a good lesson for us too-

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  2. Thank you, Skye, for sharing this. I am so sorry about your brother, however, I am so glad that you have shared his story with us. Thank you especially for reminding us what life is for–DOING, not wishing! My mom is dying of metastatic breast cancer and is in Hospice care. I treasure each day I have with her, and she in her way is teaching me the grace and blessing of dying well.

    Please know what a wonderful message you have put out into the world. Thank you again.


  3. What a wonderful piece. To know that one can make the best out of even the worst situations is indeed a blessed thing. We learn to move on in life and most importantly, to show the depths of our love to those most dear to us when they’re still around us.

    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.


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