Postnatal depression

A Mom Suffering From Postnatal Depression Writes Thank You Note To Person Who Brightened Her Day

A mother suffering from postnatal depression has written a thank you note to a café owner whose kind gesture made a difference to her a day.

The new mother from Australia, appealed to PANDA (Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Australia) to share her note so she could get it seen but asked to remain anonymous.

The woman was staying in a mother-baby care unit for treatment for her depression when she had an encounter in a café that reminded her that..

…”the smallest kindness can make a difference”.

The full letter is below;

cafe kindness

The letter, which was uploaded on PANDA, has prompted other mothers suffering from postnatal depression to share their own stories.

“Cafés were my saviour when I had PND, a reason to get out and feel part of life and not just invisible at home,” wrote one mum.

“It was therapy to me and I now take my five-year-old to a café whenever we feel down. They are wonderful places.”

Another mother commented:

“The smallest acts of kindness mean the world when you’re battling depression, it really is like a bolt of sunshine through the clouds.

“I remember being extra-sensitive to acts like this and feeling the need to express my gratitude so that the person knew they had made a difference. Bravo to this café owner.”

“If you are based in Michigan and require assistance with your mental health challenges, please contact



  1. Kindness isn’t very hard to give when you have Christ living in you
    It isn’t very hard.
    Just don’t cut on other people’s kindness
    Be comfortable with being the one giving kindness
    It shows that the Holy Spirit is activated in you because you are conscious of Him.

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