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Policeman Comforts His Fallen Partner In Her Final Moments

We’ve always said we support all animals, and know the relationship with those animals and their person is an incredible thing.  

In only a moment, a regular day turned into a life-threatening scenario for two members of the Houston Police Department. Yesterday a police horse was spooked, bucked her rider and ran into the street where she was unfortunately then hit by a truck.

The amazing part of this tragic story is what her rider did while she lay in the street. This is a picture of Officer D. Herrejon laying with her while she took her last breath.  

Policeman Comforts His Fallen Partner In Her Final Moments

We admire the heart and strength of this officer because, as you know, when you lose an animal, to be with them during their last breath is a heartbreaking and tough thing to do.

Thank you to him for loving his partner and friend until the end.  Our hearts go out to him and the Houston Police  family.  RIP Charlotte.

Policeman Comforts His Fallen Partner In Her Final Moments

“She loved her job and was always ready to go to work putting bad guys in jail or giving nuzzles to children. She will be missed,”

(via Animal Justice League/Facebook via Daily Saint)

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  1. Loosing such a friend is terrible… the deep feeling we grow towards our “animal” companions is just the same we grow towards “human” compnions. I don’t see any difference, we all are living creatures.
    This story is really heartbreaking…
    Serenity :-)claudine

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